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Feeding the Feeders...

Jane Purchall

Welcome to the first edition of goddessmommas tips on running a burner kitchen.

Tip 1: Build Week

It's full-on! Not a lot of time creating gourmet meals, and not a lot of time to eat them. So, for on-the-go during the day: chilled grapes, oranges and cut up watermelon passed around every 2-3 hours gives the family an excuse for a short break and energize. The evening meal should be full of freshness and flavour like interesting salads, something easy to eat as it's time to relax & plan the next day.

Tip 2: Kitchen Organization

Remember to always have plenty of prep' & serving area's. Many hands make light work and it's fun to work with others while learning 'foodie' stuff from around the world. Arrange the pantry to have breakfast & snacks at eye height. Fresh fruit & veg that will keep out of the fridge, dry food & cans on the bottom & bulk food stored on the top. Fresh food like bananas & avocados should be front & forward so they keep eaten before they go off.

Tip 3: Keep it Fresh

Store cleaning supplies at the front of the kitchen so everyone can see them.