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Camp Dues 2018

How much to pay; where to pay; and what can I expect for my money??

camp dues

Camp dues in 2018 were $550. We expect they will be around the same in 2019, give or take $10 or so.

In addition to dues, we will also collect a refundable deposit of $100. The purpose of this deposit is to secure every camper's commitment to their bake and camp day shifts, and their assistance during build week or teardown. Campers who complete these obligations will have the entirety of their deposit returned to them after the burn, sometime in september. Should any camper fail to fulfill their promised contributions to camp, their deposit will be allocated toward future improvements to camp infrastructure and/or compensation for those who work extra in their absence.

How to pay? - don't pay until line above is upDATED

PayPal to:; or

Venmo to:  +1-858-220-0230

If you are also paying for accommodation and/or bedding and/or bike (see below for more information), please could you make sure you make a note of this with your payment. It wouldn't hurt either if you sent an email confirming this as well:

So, what do your dues get you?

  • 8 delicious bountiful hot breakfasts

  • 8 scrumptious dinners, including the most incredible paella (3 different varieties) that you will ever taste, on Burn night

  • meals for the early entry crew too

  • all the wine, beer and cocktails you can drink (although please feel free to bring your favorite tipple)

  • water for drinking, water for showering

  • an enclosed shower, dressing area, and sink for toothbrushing

  • incredibly beautiful shady lounge infrastructure ~ all built, sewn and dyed by hand

  • a sumptuous communal area which remains cleverly dust and wind-resistant (by playa standards)

  • camp mates from across the globe that you'll soon be proud to call part of your family

  • unique and beautiful gifting opportunity (freshly baked bread, mint tea, & opportunities to DJ, perform, teach, and love...)

  • huge costume room already stocked with tons of amazing costumes for campmates to share (and add to if you'd like)

  • …and the chance to live and be a vital part of one of the most distinctive camps on the Playa

first time camp mates

First time campers with us also have the (highly, very, extremely recommended) option to pay a one-off 'rental' fee for accommodation, bedding, mattress and bike. Accommodation is either a yurt or ice-tent (allocated on a first come first served basis when you rock up to the camp...both are equally comfortable but yurts are a bit more stylish).

2018 Pricing (to be updated for 2019)

  • Yurt: $150

  • Ice Tent: $125

  • Bedding, including mattress: $50

  • Bike (including lock & basket): $50

It's definitely cheaper than providing them yourself, helps to ensure we have enough funds to cover yurt tape, any repairs, and replenishing old bike/bedding stock. And reduces unnecessary wastage/purchases. We don't guarantee everything will be in pristine, brand-new condition, but you'll have a roof over your head, comfort around your body, wheels to whizz around on and more space in your suitcases for all those fabulous costumes! If you've camped with us before, there's no charge as you would have already contributed funds before. If you're sharing accommodation you need only pay once, however we can't guarantee single mattresses. Bike costs are obviously per person.

We're set up this way to make it easy for our camp mates to join us wherever they live around the globe. But don't be fooled...we're not a plug 'n' play camp. We come to work hard, gift hard and play hard...all in strict adherence to The 10 Principles.