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Thinking of becoming a camp member? Got questions? Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we've gotten:

(Q) I'm not in the States long and really want to explore after the Burn, so can I leave Sunday/Monday?

(Q) I have a long flight/drive home, so can I leave Sunday/Monday?

(Q) My kids/business/partner/job/dog need me, so can I leave Sunday/Monday?

(A) Afraid not. We all have to manage travel and daily life. By joining the Lovin' Oven you are commiting to working alongside your LO family until breakdown is complete. Plan to leave Black Rock city on Tuesday morning. Unless you're part of the set up crew.

(Q) How do you make sure workload is evenly distributed across campmates?

(A) We work on a roster system and during the week you'll be assigned 2 bake shifts and 1 camp day shift. The bake shift (from around 9am-2pm) is where you get to experience all the thrills and spills of pumping out bread. You'll be part of a team of 12-ish and duties will be spread across prepping, baking, serving the bread; making and serving tea; calling people in off the Playa to come get their bread; )-(ome delivering bread; making dough for the next day and finally cleaning it all up. Phew! Camp days are when you get to hang at our camp all day with 5 of your new bestest friends to care for everyone else: making meals, cleaning up around camp etc etc. (bring your favorite pinny!)

(Q) I want to swap shifts and work with my new BFF, can I?

(A) Sure, if you can find someone happy to swap with you and both teams are aware, why not?

(Q) I lost/found my mind in Deep Playa and need to lie down and watch the unicorns running over my ceiling for a few hours. Can I rock up to my shift late?

(A) Nope. Rosters will be finalized long in advance, so plan your week accordingly. Rest assured, Camp & Bake Days are loads of fun - you don't have to pretend you are rocking up to the office on a typical Monday morning. Do the right thing by your team and camp mates and please honor your commitments.

(Q) Can my friends come and visit me in camp?

(A) Oh my, yes! Our communal 'private' area has the same gorgeous decor as the front space and lots of room for our friends to come and hang out. We LOVE visitors. Loads of our camp mates started out as visitors!

(Q) I've heard some people get to Burning Man early and help with set up. Can I do that?

(A) Thanks for asking! Set up is indeed an amazing, but grueling experience. The set up crew is handpicked for specific experience, skills and stamina, usually in July. Typically we recommend that virgins do not volunteer for set up (this will make sense when you get there), but if you have some serious construction skills and are really keen, please shout out and one of us will have a chat with you.

(Q) Do I really need a bike?

(A) Yes, and we already have a lot of them in our storage container available to rent, especially for campers from overseas. If you live in driving distance from the playa and want to BYO bike that’s also welcomed! Check back with us in spring/summer for updates on rental demand/availability.

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