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Dreams of dust and magic

Jane Purchall

I just looked on the Burning Man website to see that apparently there are just 4 months and 27 days left until the Man burns. And 20 minutes or so, but we won't quibble about those. Such a long way off isn't it? Dust storms and oversized, outlandish, awe-inspiring art still so so so far away, still a tiny speck in the distance. Insignificant. Not to be worried about. Relax, plenty of time to get yourself ready...

However, here at the Lovin' Oven we've been anything but relaxed. We've been plotting and planning; scheming and creating; designing and imagining. We've got some great new approaches on how to run our camp more effectively and efficiently; there have been some wonderful ideas for how to entertain and nourish our morning crowds; and we're receiving applications from all kinds of fabulous folk who want to camp with us for the first time this year. 

So dream of dust and magical Playa delights all you like...and we will too, while also working hard to bring us back to the Playa again, brighter, better and more fabulous than ever!