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Important Ticket Information

Jane Purchall

Are you planning on coming to Burning Man this year? Even if you are just considering it at the moment, you'll need to register for the sale. Please read on:


Wednesday March 16 to March 18: Registration for the ticket sale opens at noon. Quite simply, if you’re not registered you won’t be eligible to enter the sale the following week. And you'll need a Burner Profile. Maybe a few of them... to maximize your chances.

Wednesday March 23: Tickets go on sale @ noon and will sell out very very very very very quickly! 

Use this timezone converter for the main sale to make things easy wherever you are in the world.

There are approx 30,000 tickets going on sale about about 300,000 people wanting them (approx!!), so you’ll need to be super organized and ready to go at noon (read below). Also, please remember that it’s not a proper Burning Man ticket sale unless the servers crash, you’re held in a waiting pattern for half an hour, it all feels hopeless etc etc. It’s part of the ‘fun’ of getting there and in our experience everyone who wants to go pretty much always ends up with a ticket. 


You will need a Burner Profile. If you don’t have one, make sure you create one. And if you already have one, please make sure you can remember all your login details ahead of time! DO IT NOW!

You will also need a Ticketfly account. Again, make sure you have this set up before the sale date.

Tickets are capped at 2 per person. We encourage you to buy two tickets, even if you only need one, as there will always be someone in our family who may not have been as successful and will be more than happy to purchase one from you at face value. Ditto vehicle passes. You’re allowed one and there never seems to be enough to go around.

And if you’re unsuccessful there are plenty of other opportunities to get tickets:

* from our camp surplus (at face value only, of course)

* from STEP program (April 27)

* from OMG sale (August 3)

More information here:

This is going to be an amazing year...make sure you don't miss out!